Full Enquiry System

Record your customers enquiries, assign them to other agents or add quotes to them yourself. Integration to your website enquiry form is also available.

Simple Quoting

Add quotes to your enquiries for as many travel options as you like. Mercury will automatically convert these into attractive prints or emails with the options of attaching images and travel guides automatically. Send quotes via print or email in one click. Convert them to a booking file in just a couple more clicks.

CRM Marketing Tool

Send marketing, file notifications, alerts and anything else to your customer list in the easiest possible way. Filters help find the right customers. You can use print for POST, EMAIL and/or SMS. Mercury even checks your customers have opted in to the communication too.

Advanced Reporting

Generate in depth powerful reports to analyse your data. A vast range of reports are include to help you manage your business, call in payments and service customers/suppliers. Custom reports are also available for you or your accountant.

Never forget with a fully integrated reminder system

File Reminders

Automatically triggered when you save a file, file reminders display to each agent when they log in only when the reminder becomes appropriate, such as balance due reminders and welcome home reminders.

Enquiry Reminders

Built in reminders ensure your staff follow up on enquiries and quotes to increase booking conversions and improve customer service levels.


Sticky Notes

Keep desks tidier by adding your sticky notes to Mercury. Easily assign these notes to a colleagues screen and create reminders for days when you're not in.

Improve Customer Service

Never forget a customer's birthday or anniversary because Mercury will remind you. Send a gift or thank you and let Mercury help you impress your customers.

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The Travel Agency Database Packed Full of Clever Features

Integrated Calendar

Know Everything That's Happening With Your Bookings Every Day

Mercury Office has an integrated Calendar System that brings together everything you need to know about your bookings, enquiries, quotes, customers and any other reminders you want to set up. See who's travelling or who's returned, customer's celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or a customer balance that's become due for payment.


CRM Marketing System

Easily Reach Your Customer Anytime, Anywhere

With a simple 4 step process you can prepare marketing and general communications for any number of you customer, for any reason and by various methods.

Need to send out balance due reminders to all your customers with balances due? You can do that in just a few clicks. Place holders even replace text in the template and automatically fill them for each customer (such as balance, destination, names, etc).

Automated Communication System

Let Mercury Do It All For You

Would you prefer not to worry about chasing balances due or sending out your welcome home letters? Mercury can check this for you on a daily basis and send the messages out for you. The customer would notice no difference and it allows you to let Mercury keep on top of your customer service which you get on making bookings.

We can have you setup, trained and live before the January peak booking season.
Migrating your data from your existing system (whether that's TAD, WIZ or anything else) is FREE

A Secure Customer Portal for direct payments, API updates and document printing

The Mercury Office Customer Portal is a completely secure way of allowing your customers to take certain actions on their bookings.

Customers can make payments securely at any time convenient to them and these payments are recorded in the client file. You will also receive an email notification telling you about the payment.

Fed up of waiting for a customer to come back with their passport details? With the Mercury Office customer portal it's really easy for a customer to securely login and update all their API details for each traveller in their party.

The information they enter will automatically update their booking file and you will receive an email notification telling you exactly what the customer did.

Take away any risk on your part by asking your customers to confirm all their booking details through your Customer Portal. A record is kept of their confirmation and an email notification is sent to you to tell you everything is confirmed.

Customers can also print their documents on the customer portal at anytime, including ATOL certificates. They can also review any booking terms and conditions from you or your suppliers.

Easy To Use for even complex itineraries

Beautifully Designed forms

Create Enquiries, Quotes & files in no time

We've spent many years designing, listening to user feedback and re-designing our forms for Mercury. Travel itineraries can be complex and entering them into an office system can be very confusing and time-consuming. Mercury has the perfect balance between functionality and usability.

Create complex itineraries by adding components with one click. Or convert quotes to bookings with just a couple of clicks. Whatever you need to do, Mercury's workflows have been carefully thought through to make the entire process quick and easy.

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Other Features Include

ATOL Certificate Printing

Create ATOL Certificates for yourself or on behalf of your suppliers

Every booking file can come under your ATOL and you can print certificates or email them out with a single click.

Don't have an ATOL? You can still use Mercury to automatically generate ATOL Certificates on behalf of your suppliers to make sure you comply at all times with CAA regulations

SMS Gateway

Contact a customer anywhere

With our integrated SMS gateway, you can send a message to your customers wherever they are in the world at any time. Whether it's a quick message to pick up tickets or a more serious situation in resort, Mercury can handle the messaging for you.

Online Payment Gateway

Take Card Payments Online

Integrating a payment gateway into your Mercury Office system makes so much sense. Not only can you replace your PDQ, but you can take payments anywhere and at anytime securely, not just in the office. Combine this with our Customer Portal and your customer's can pay their balance at a time convenient to them.

Full System Managements

We're always here to helping you

When you become a Mercury Office customer you have the full support of it's developers at all time. Select a support package to have us even more involved. You can include regular secure backups of your data and never have to think about server management, security or reliability. Want a new report or a feature that will save you time and money, all you have to do is tell and we can build it for you.